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Criminal defense lawyers are hired by those who have be accused of a crime.

This can be any crime from a DUI/DWI, to Theft, to Murder.   If a person is charged, they will need a lawyer to defend them in a court case. In some cases, trials are not needed if the defendant agrees to take responsibility for the crime, or if a settlement is reached that usually includes a sum of money for damages that were caused because of another person's actions. But if you find yourself in jail and awaiting a trial, you will need to find a criminal lawyer that will guide you through the legal process.

If you are in need of legal advice, you should contact an attorney sooner rather than later.  In most cases, by the time one has contacted an attorney, the police have already investigated and charged the person with a crime. You should not delay contacting an attorney if you believe you are being investigated, about to be charged with a crime or arrested.  You need to start planning your defense as soon as possible even if your court date is a ways away. Over time, a person’s ability to recall events diminishes so you want to begin preparing for your defense as soon as possible. This means gathering reports and contacting potential witnesses to learn what they recall of the event.  By getting involved early, you will be able to address your custody status, avoid arrest and may even be able to avoid charges all together.

There are a few types of criminal lawyers that work in specific courts and areas of the law. This means that while they can defend anyone, they usually have an area that they specialize in. Larger firms usually break up their lawyers into categories and have them work on specific cases. When hiring a lawyer, you should ask some questions that will help you decide if they are competent enough to take your case. Questions include:
Years of practice;
Knowledge of the law for this particular case;
Possible strategies;
Research available;
Court room wins and losses.
Knowing how your lawyer handles their cases in front of a jury will tell you a lot about their chances of winning your case.

If you have been arrested or charged with any crime, you need an aggressive, experienced, devoted criminal lawyer that will provide you with the best possible defense to which you are entitled. I have successfully represented clients over the years on all types of criminal cases from DUI and Domestic Violence to First Degree Murder, Death Penalty Cases. In addition,  If you and your loved ones are in the position of having to go through a criminal proceeding whether it be in City (Municipal Court), State Criminal or State Family (Justice Court and District Court) or Federal (United States District Court), you will need an experienced criminal lawyer who can help you with your criminal problem.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions. I respect the fact that each of us has a unique background and deserves to have his/her dignity maintained and protected. Good people often have moments of regret and should not be judged on their actions alone.  I can help defend you against your criminal charges in any of the Nevada or California courtrooms.

For almost fifteen years, Kristina Wildeveld has been fighting to protect your rights and to get charges like yours dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. If you have been arrested or charged with any criminal offense in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada, you need to call my office now to speak to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney!


There are three kinds of criminal charges: Misdemeanors, Gross Misdemeanors and Felonies (Categories A-F). Misdemeanor convictions can carry up to a maximum of 6 months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine depending on your previous criminal history.  They are heard by an elected judge, not a jury.   A Gross Misdemeanor conviction can carry up to a maximum of one year in jail and up to a $2,000.00 fine depending on your previous criminal history. A Felony conviction may include probation and/or a minimum of one year prison time with fines up to $10,000.00. Both Gross Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors are entitled to be heard by a jury.

DUI Charges:
A DUI is a serious charge, but stop worrying. Being arrested for a DUI is not as bad as you may think. The penalties differ from a first DUI, a second DUI (within 7 years) and a third DUI. The first two are misdemeanor offenses unless there was injury or an accident while a third DUI is a felony. I can protect your rights and fight to keep charges like these from ruining your life.   In addition, I can appear for a DMV hearing before an administrative judge to keep you driving legally during your pending DUI/DWI case.  You may also need to seek advice regarding your status in the United States if you are not a citizen.

Again, being arrested and faced with a Domestic Violence charge is also serious. The penalties differ depending on the number of times one has been arrested. In the State of Nevada, when the police are called on a domestic violence call, ONE PERSON WILL BE ARRESTED AND SPEND THE NIGHT IN JAIL!!! In Nevada, a prosecutor cannot dismiss or reduce domestic violence charges unless they cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Victims often try to take back their statements to the police. Therefore, Nevada law allows the State to use a victim’s earlier statement as evidence at trial.  If convicted of a domestic battery, under federal law, you lose your right to carry a firearm.  In addition, this could affect your status in the United States if you are not a citizen. 

The vast majority of these cases can be negotiated or reduced with the aid of an attorney.  Oftentimes, the parties have put this night behind them and remain in a relationship by the time this charge comes to trial. If a victim changes their mind about prosecuting, they can become helpful to the defense.

From passing a bad check, theft or burglary charges, to Mortgage Fraud Defense or Murder I can handle your case. Each charge carries with it different fines and penalties ranging from a year sentence to a life sentence or even death.

The State of Nevada has the death penalty and actively pursues it.   Any person who commits a murder and is over the age of eighteen, is eligible.   If you are charged with such a crime, you need to contact a lawyer.   The minimum penalty for murder is twenty years to life which is doubled if a weapon is used, there is an allegation of gang involvement, or the victim was a child or over the age of 60.   

In addition, the Law Offices of Kristina Wildeveld can handle your criminal Appeals, Post Conviction cases, Parole Board Hearings and Petitions to the Pardon's Board.

Being arrested as a juvenile can be very serious.  Charges in juvenile court range from truancy and curfew to graffiti and a crime with use of a deadly weapon. If you or your child has been arrested for any crime involving the use or potential use of a deadly weapon, it is in your best interest to hire a defense attorney who is QUALIFIED to handle juvenile cases.  Handling juvenile cases requires specific knowledge of the law as it pertains to juveniles. As a former State of Nevada representative for juvenile justice and an advocate for juvenile reform in the area of both juvenile court and adult court, I am not only aware of the intricacies of representing juveniles, but also qualified to do so effectively, and in your child's best interest. 

In addition, oftentimes juveniles are arrested and taken to juvenile court and later transferred to adult jail.  I have the ability and qualifications to handle your child's case effectively and seamlessly through both systems.  There are safeguards and rights that need to be protected when it comes to your child.  Do not let those rights and safeguards be overlooked.  

Not all criminal defense attorneys are qualified to handle all criminal cases! 


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